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Solid Brass Construction

AIROYAL’S cylinder barrels are fabricated from hard. cold-drawn brass tubing’, 73,000 PS! tensile, with a satin finish of 6 to 8 microinches. These satin finish brass cylinder barrels mean a rust-proof extra-smooth surface ideal for long packing life. AIROYAL’S cylinder heads are machined from high tensile brass bar stock.

*(1-1/2″ and 2″ bore hydraulic cylinder barrels are fabricated from high tensile steel tubing, precision honed to a 6 to 8 microinch finish.)

Cylinder Tubes

  • 5/8″ Bore .. . All Services, Brass
  • 1″ Bore….. A and H Brass, HP. SHP, Steel
  • 1-1/2″ Bore. . A, Brass; H and HP, SHP Steel
  • 2″ Bore ….. A.Brass; H and HP, SHP, Steel

Brass tubes are available for all cylinders.

Piston Rods

AIROYAL’S large selection of oversize rods permits the use of a rod best suited to the specific requirements for load and speed. Standard rods are machined from high- strength C1045 steel, cold drawn to 100,000 PSI tensile strength externally roller burnished to 12 RMS microfinish, and chrome plated for durability. Please note that this plating is not for corrosion resistance, if this is required, a chrome plated 303 or 316 Stainless Steel rod should be specified. For the most extreme applications, such as would corrode the chrome plating, 17-4 Stainless Steel rod is available. Wrench flats are standard on all cylinders.

Self Adjusting Oversize Packagings

As an additional means of increasing packing life, both rod and piston packing are completely self-adjusting; expanding to seal under pressure and relaxed, reducing friction and wear, when subject to exhaust.

Our standard rod packings are maly impregnated buna for air cylinders and polyurethane for hydraulic. Long experience has proven these to be by far the best seals for their respective media. In addition, while the industry uses 1/8” cross section rod packings, AIROYAL uses the far superior 1/4” cross-section. Larger sizé means longer life!

The primary cause of rod seal failure is from dirt and other contaminants. These act like a rasp, sawing away at the packing as the rod cycles. To help prevent this, AIROYAL offers polyurethane wipers and beryllium copper scrapers. These clean the rod as it retracts, and for a minimal cost adder serve to dramatically increase seal life,

AIROYALS exclusive features tell part of the quality story but the complete picture also includes…

All Stainless Steel Cylinders Available

When it comes to corrosion protection and appearance, nothing excels like Stainless Steel. All of our cylinders are available in 303/304 grade Stainless Steel, or even in all 316 Stainless Steel. From the bottom of the ocean to the most caustic chemical plant to the cleanest food environment, AIROYAL Stainless Steel Cylinders deliver millions of cycles of trouble-free performance.

Special Materials

These are our standard materials, but that still doesn’t encompass all of the materials

we work with. In the past we’ve supplied cylinders made of titanium, hastelloy, delrin, and other exotics. In addition, we can chrome, nickel plate, or even powder coat cylinders. Whatever the material or finish required, AIROYAL can furnish it.