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Threaded Heads

AIROYAL’S brass cylinder heads are threaded to the barrel with an extremely fine pitch, self-locking thread. Aside from its ability to absorb high inertial forces and withstand hard usage, this simple threaded head design means fool-proof tightening with no distortion. Tie rod construction on the other hand can result in leaks when tie rods on one side are too tight. In special sanitary applications such as machines for the food industry (bakeries etc.) the absence of tie rods means an easier to clean machine.

Universal Mounting

Universal Mounting, originated by AIROYAL, permits either side or end mounting from the same head. This feature simplifies cylinder selection and provides maximum flexibility and ease of installation.


AIROYAL cylinders. Have been designed into the smallest package possible, while still retaining the advantages of oversize rod bearings. Thus, AIROYAL cylinders are especially valuable for those jobs where space is restricted.